Live life as play. Visual Identity

Designed by Dane Aleksander with Adobe Illustrator.

I love visual design and animation. I also love wildlife and wildlife art. I study each of these to advance visual storytelling of the wild places and the animals that live in them. I apply this practice to help create images for stories imagined by people like you.

Life as play. concept art (Mark, 2014) © Dane Aleksander

Life as play. concept art (Mark)

Life as play.

In my first two months as an unemployed independent artist, I designed a visual identity for my graphic art services and redesigned this portfolio website to facilitate gateways for freelance commissions. As I make this transition, this framework for my art that I am proud to selflessly self-promote has become imperative. Since first developing this portfolio website in 2011, I have become more aware of user experience (UX) design — the ideology of functional, intuitive design. I have better understood how code, type and art react across form factors like desktops, laptops, tablets and phones and so on. I have seen features that once amused my sense of design later complicate the interaction. This redesign was likewise a shift in focus from a collection of art projects to a structured showcase of graphic art services. There is a graphic art folio. There is another for creature animation for apps, games and cinematics. There is another for art commissions for poster and book illustration. And there is a purple page for my bio about art and design, and elephants.

Life as play. Mark 1 (2014) © Dane Aleksander

The logomark is a prism of warm colors, each with a part to play. The shape of the mark is an equilateral triangle (or a “play” icon) comprised of four colored smaller-and-equally-sized equilateral triangles. The purple colored triangle is centered and pointed in the alternate direction. The purple colored triangle represents me and my place in the art world. The stand-alone purple logomark is inversed to display as an argyle-like pattern. A pink, an orange and a yellow colored triangle – with consecutively reduced saturation – relate to three pillars of my graphic art: visual design, visual effects (or animation), and visual art (or illustration). Respectively these three are symbolized by a graphic pen for design, a play button for animation, and a desk light for illustration. Ultimately this identity is manifested in the website design, with an art folio for each select service. The website continues to be designed and developed with the WordPress information architecture, and has branched off a custom WordPress theme: Rainbow Unicorn, based on the Twenty Thirteen theme by Automattic — the WordPress team. See the website in full-color: lifeasplay.ca/dane/.

Purple Words

On a gray background. — Neil Young, Cowgirl in the Sand

Client Team:

Dane Aleksander.


An argyle pattern, a graphic pen, a play button, a desk light.


Default: Oswald (2011) principally by Vernon Adams.

* This project page is concluded and is archived as a case study.