Computer Art Commissions

This is a gateway to commission art by Dane Aleksander.

Please allow two (2) days for confirmation of request, and up to fourteen (14) days for consideration and proposal.

Methods of Payment
  • Enter amount at PayPal. [1] (Please see agreement of work for more methods of payment.)
Project Pages

Client project pages are given a unique project identification with agreement of work.

Find your project page at: “”. [2]

Client project deliverables are archived and managed on Dropbox.

Case Studies

1 Sum total due is displayed with applicable fees and taxes included.

2 Term of availability of client project pages is specific to each project and is detailed in the agreement of work.

Request forms are managed on Google Forms. Client project pages are password protected and published only for clients of Dane Aleksander as a gateway to recieve deliverables, drafts and other project resources. Please direct any question you have about this client area, or send details of an art commission directly to