The Lionhearted Achilles


HECTOR! Trojan Warfare II opens on the beachfront of Troy with our hero – the lionhearted Achilles – set to conquer the legendary walls of Troy.

This is an animation reel the lionhearted Achilles, a game character produced through a motion capture pipeline. The motion data was captured at the Azrieli mocap studio at Carleton University, re-targeted to a Human IK and edited in Autodesk Maya. We aimed for a polycount of about 10,000 with consideration for additional assets and optimization within the game development software Unity 3D. Trojan Warfare II was created for PC in December of 2010 as an interactive multimedia and design (IMD) term project.

Autodesk Maya made a tremendous leap in 2011 in terms of their interface for manipulating motion capture data. The following screenshots are from post-production on the motion data collected at Carleton University for Trojan Warfare II. The Vicon system had only six cameras, enough for basic animation however limbs were most often resolved in post in Maya. With their 2012 release, Autodesk further simplified the animation pipeline by implementing editable motion trails as visual guides that indicate the displacement of keyframes over the animation timeline. This became incredibly useful for the tedious task of editing baked, motion captured animation.

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