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Chaos Reigns © PolyUnite, 2011

Chaos Reigns is a Real-time Strategy (RTS) video game released for PC. RTS gameplay features include unit creation and manipulation, fighting enemies, and strategizing through spending resources and using unique unit abilities in combat. Chaos Reigns also contains some advanced features influenced heavily by a unique back-story. Beneath layers of intuitive menu interfaces – in game and out – Chaos Reigns is an immersive 3D world challenging gamers to strategize in order to overcome evil.

Senior project fair day release: Chaos Reigns (PC)[2011]

My animation experience was a welcomed addition to the team of five that created the game, and I produced the game trailer, above. Photos from the Senior project fair day, below, with the polyunite team: Stephanie Whitwill, John James Belaskie, Josh Crozman, Mark Pintar and me, and some awesome friends and peers who came to play!

Screenshots from Chaos Reigns gameplay, below, for which I produced 3D character models and optimized the Maya animation export for clean FBX files for our XNA game engine environment. Each of the 15 units had low polycounts of roughly 600 polygons (1,200 tris) and with animation keyframed on custom IK control rigs for individual character-driven walk cycles, idle stances and attack loops.

Chaos Reigns Gameplay © PolyUnite, 2011Chaos Reigns Gameplay © PolyUnite, 2011Chaos Reigns Gameplay © PolyUnite, 2011Chaos Reigns Gameplay © PolyUnite, 2011

Maya 2011 FBX for XNA

Import the troublesome FBX into a blank Maya scene. Errors in animation should show as you scrub the timeline. If there are no playback issues, re-exporting your FBX will clear extraneous DAG nodes associated with the original scene. This can reduce file size and animation should now transfer into your XNA framework as expected. Also, note that Maya 2011 FBXs fail to load in Visual Studio 2008. When using Maya 2011, select the Maya 2010 FBX export setting instead.

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