Color and Light Ch.1


This is a quick update on continued personal studies in art and design, continued specifically from the April 2015 broadcast on art education. I am starting my Schoolism subscription with the course by Nathan Fowkes titled Designing with Color and Light, and working to build the habit of painting (digitally or otherwise) nearly everyday. I’m happy to share a collection of quick color studies from week one, and with the hope of checking in on a later broadcast to review my development.

Chapter 1: Color, Light

Fall Woods (c) Dane Aleksander, 2015

Fall woods, 2015

[…] you have to learn to think of color, and to design color, in terms of contrast, and that’s why the color wheel is a useful tool because the color wheel arranges colors in terms of how they contrast with each other.” — Nathan Fowkes

Shine on (Wash.) (c) Dane Aleksander, 2015

Shine on (Wash.), 2015

Halifax Dingle (c) Dane Aleksander, 2015

Halifax Dingle, 2015

A meaningful repetition of elements can give a beautiful, harmonious effect to a busy, contrasting image; it’s one way to take all the chaos and bring it under control and it actually can become quite poetic.” — Nathan Fowkes

New Leaves (c) Dane Aleksander, 2015

New leaves, 2015

All paintings created in Photoshop; all photographs taken by yours truly.

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