Wildlife Sketches


[Sketchbook] (c) Dane Aleksander, 2005

Simba (2005) | Coloured pencil [11″ x 8.5″]

My passion for art is inspired by nature. Imagery from The Lion King lent an early sense of both creative and emotive freedom within visual media. I remember sketching Simba over and over standing atop Pride Rock as rays of sunlight opened the sky. I remember wanting to capture that moment, and I continue to enjoy taking time to draw.

[Sketchbook] (c) Dane Aleksander, 2008

Three Big Cats (2008) | Graphic pencil [12″ x 9″]

Three Little Squirrels (c) Dane Aleksander, 2011

Three Little Squirrels (2011) | Graphic pencil [12″ x 9″]

Jaguar (c) Dane Aleksander, 2007

Down by the River (2007) | Graphic pencil [12″ x 9″]

[Sketchbook] (c) Dane Aleksander, 2010

Silver Gorilla (2010) | Scratchboard [10″ x 8″]

[Sketchbook] (c) Dane Aleksander, 2013

Holocene (2011) | Graphic pencil [9″ x 12″]

Winter Wind (c) Dane Aleksander, 2013

Winter Wind (2008) | Graphic and coloured pencil [11″ x 8.5″]

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