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I was responsible for producing and rigging six animal characters for an in-house Wildlandia app, as well as simulating and rendering visual effects for its cinematic trailer. I also co-directed the user experience design through phase one with Dom Fegan; the user interface design was carried forward by Stephanie Munn. Credits for the cinematic trailer for the app: San Mathew (Director of Animation), Dane Aleksander (Technical Director of Animation), John Dyer (Animator), Jon Eisner (Compositor) and Eric LeClerc (Audio Engineer).

A land of adventure awaits inside your blankets, huggers and pillows. Help Tumble bring the Wildlandia animals to life by scanning your Wildlandia products. Play games to protect animals and their habitats. A world of fun awaits with Wildlandia.

Wildlandia, Merchandise (c) Current Studios, 2014

Each Wildlandia product unlocks new games, new habitats and new animals. Explore the Savanna Grasslands, the Kopje Valley, the Great Plains and the Acacia Forest. See lions, hippos, zebras, giraffes and elephants burst to life when you view Wildlandia products through the Wildlandia app. Playing the Wildlandia games ensures the animal’s habitats stay safe and healthy so your Wildlandia animals can thrive and be happy.

Here are two of the characters that I rigged and were animated by San Jose Mathew.

Here’s the hero character: Tumble.

And a Madagascar zebra.

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