Spider-Man’s Web-Slinger


Following our collaboration with Marvel on Super Hero AR, the Avengers app released in May 2012, Ad-Dispatch and Marvel Entertainment embarked on a second ground-breaking AR marketing campaign. This time also partnered with Sony and Walmart, we brought the Amazing Spider-Man to stores across North America through augmented reality on your mobile device.

Spider-Man's Web-slinger AR App, Menu (c) Current Studios, 2012Spider-Man's Web-slinger AR App, Submenu (c) Current Studios, 2012Spider-Man's Web-slinger AR App (c) Current Studios, 2012

Our main menu was the first 3D UI developed at Ad-Dispatch and was quickly adopted as our standard approach to user flow for its simplicity and visual dimension. Branding was a balancing act. Perhaps the most difficult challenge was establishing a set of thorough and non-intrusive instructions, which at the time was considered a requirement to give a step-by-step tutorial for augmented reality. I designed the user flow and directed the user interface design of Spider-Man’s Web-Slinger app. I was also responsible for the technical direction for animation. This meant optimizing the character model, character rig, and shader maps for our target range of mobile devices.

Download Spider-Man’s Web-Slinger free from Google Play or the App Store, find the indicated signage in stores, in flyers, on comic book covers, and on the Amazing Spider-Man Truck Tour to bring a life-size 3D animation of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man to life!

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