NBA2K14 Cover App


It’s every player’s dream to make the cover of the latest NBA 2K game. Now is your chance. With the NBA2K14 Cover app, create your own cover and show off your new-found fame to all your friends.

NBA2K14 Cover App, Menu (c) Current Studios, 2014NBA2K14 Cover App, Submenu (c) Current Studios, 2014

For this project, I presented a design inspired by how I remember player-selection interfaces in retro sports video games mixed with the minimalistic preference of the iOS experience in a post-iOS 7 world. In short, bold simplicity. It was for the most part adopted as is in the final app. It also gave the developers an option for a highly minimalist approach to ui layout with very low memory footprint as the design was a small collection of slice sprites with a small set of guidelines.

This application was initially tied to a retail incentive for the first 60,000 NBA2K14 game buyers. These customers received an NBA poster as a gift with purchase, with a call-to-action on the poster to get on the cover of NBA2K14. This initial spark was enough to ignite app downloads that have far exceeded NBA Entertainment’s expectations. The simplicity of the mobile app and the easy tie-in to social sharing have proven, once again, to be a formula for success.

NBA2K14 Cover App, Background (c) Current Studios, 2014NBA2K14 Cover App, Foreground (c) Current Studios, 2014NBA2K14 Cover App, Share (c) Current Studios, 2014

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