The Boost-AR graphical user interface (GUI) has been redesigned for a first time. The app is now styled as an extension of the Boost-AR logo, with its layout and user flow made to fit across iOS and Android mobile form factors.

Boost-AR App, Splash Page (c) Current Studios, 2012Boost-AR App, Menu (c) Current Studios, 2012Boost-AR App, Submenu (c) Current Studios, 2012

These three splash pages are the loading screen, above-left, followed by the main menu and a sub-menu. The main menu, above-middle, featured a dynamic, user-generated saved experiences sub-menu, and began with two lines of Dynasty t-shirts plus plenty of room to expand. The character selection menu, above-right, showed in this case our Disney line of Dynasty merchandise. Each character banner when selected dropped down a grid of augmented reality (AR) tracker images. Each icon launched an experience affiliated with the given tracker image, bringing the AR merchandise to life.

Boost-AR has continued to grow. During the summer of 2012 the app not only continued to ‘augment’ Disney AR merchandise, the brand has also partnered with products from Ford, Peanuts, MLB, NFL and more. The app interface has since been redesigned to accommodate the growing demand, whereas my role has since been aligned with more technical direction and so the current interface was designed by Stephanie Munn. The branded Boost-AR rocket experience, below, and all the other experiences for Boost-AR enable merchandise are available through the Boost-AR app.

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