Art to inspire conservation of the wild places and the animals that live in them—and, to create images for stories imagined by people like you.

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We should live out our lives playing at certain pastimes. — Plato, Laws, para. 803e

Welcome to the visual art folio of Dane Aleksander.

Artist Statement

I study design and am always learning, working to bring a careful eye to stories of people and companies making the world a better place. Perhaps the highest standard of any work is that you may make the world better. I think that design has that level of influence, and that the study of design encourages anyone to look at anything from an ethical point of view. My practice is collaborative, problem-solving and story-driven design with personal involvement in every project and continuous attention to the details and nuances of design as each project evolves.

The study of design makes clear how we are responsible for the work we contribute to the world. We want to leave a better world than when we arrivedto improve things. We not only can change the world, now, we must. Let's design for good.

For people.

I want people to have good experiences; the experiences we get from today's leading companies are awesome, so I want to help people reach those high standards because the end result of that is to create awesome experiences with less confusion and more clarity.

For culture.

I want to design for companies that are working on projects that are civic-minded, that might make a lot of lives meaningfully better. I want to believe that a lot of those kinds of companies are out there, and I want an opportunity to continue the conversation.

For designers.

I want designers to be less eager to work on commercial technology, and more eager to take on the many challenging problems that their skills may be instrumental in solving. I am not necessarily talking about saving animals in Africa, but I think there's some value in leading by example, so I want to find wild projects and work on them when I can — to say to designers that these are the kinds of projects that we can do and it can be just as satisfying as releasing apps that a lot people use because a lot of people may benefit either way.

For storytellers.

I want to help realize the visions of creative directors with unique stories to tell. Mostly, I want to help tell stories about wildlife. I want to create creatures for animation and illustrate wildlife in picture books, storyboards and other storytelling media.

For story.

I want to continue to grow as a graphic artist and as a visual storyteller — as a SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival member since 2013, I continue to look to art and technology to inspire what I do. And I continue to share my journey at the not-for-profit art studio that I founded in 2015 to inspire conservation of the wild places and the animals that live in them.

Graphic art. Visual effects art. Story art.

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