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Articles: A History of Design

A History of Graphic Design by Dane Aleksander, chapters 1 to 4: 1920s to 2010s, [to be] edited together in an e-book, prefaced and published for members of Animat Habitat as well as made available upon request sans membership, here.

Archive: AR App Design

Graphic artist at Current Studios, formerly Ad-Dispatch, from summer 2011 to winter 2013.

Years of play in design and catalogue of imagery build a unique perspective on light, silhouette and all visual tools that enforce line of action. This becomes an individual sense of design.

Computer art studio licensed with Adobe® Creative Suite, Autodesk® Maya® Entertainment Creation Suite, Serif® Affinity® Suite; operated on Microsoft® Windows® 7 Professional with NVIDIA Quadro® and Intel® Core processing; and, powered by 80 Plus® Gold electric energy.

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