Color and Light Ch.3


This article is continued from Chapter 2: Summer. This third chapter and final update to the color and light series takes on a fall and winter theme, with paintings created in Photoshop and photos taken on my iPhone.

Chapter 3: Fall, Winter

Fall (c) Dane Aleksander, 2015

Fall, 2015

Acorn Season (c) Dane Aleksander, 2015

Acorn season, 2015

[untitled] (c) Dane Aleksander, 2015

Blue and orange, 2015

Snow in the Dark (c) Dane Aleksander, 2015

Snow in the dark, 2015

Snow in the Wind (c) Dane Aleksander, 2015

Snow in the wind, 2015

Oh Canada (c) Dane Aleksander, 2015

Canadian fall, 2015

In my time dedicated to continuing this habit of creating these quick studies, perhaps best of all, was creating a productive photoshop environement for focused digital painting, and particularly developing a familiarity with―and structure within―an extensive accumulation of brush presets. It’s not all about the tools we use, digital or otherwise, though a familiarity with traditional aspects of design software can help us take advantage of the principles of color and light.

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