Brio Maya Script


The objective for this interactive multimedia and design (IMD) term project was to write a Maya embeded language (MEL) script that could replicate the renowned BRIO toy train-set children’s game in CG. The graphical user interface (GUI) applied knowledge of MEL script to dynamically create the classic wooden BRIO tracks and import more complex, custom trains and accessory toy objects.

With our script-driven GUI, users can assemble unique railways, trains and buildings within Autodesk Maya’s 3D environment. The seven fundamental BRIO tracks are generated entirely through code and our script dynamically handles the latest track’s start point-in-space and angle-of-origin, permitting users to create and undo with a click.

We wrote custom collision detection to ensure accessory toy objects did not intersect the track, and implemented user feedback to handle user errors. Our last addition was to incorporate animation by creating a curve along with each track so that once finalized the curves merged to create a single motion curve for the user’s train to ride along their custom MEL scripted BRIO railway. Choo-choo!

Created in collaboration with Jason Moffat for a course on Computer Graphics at Carleton University.

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