11 October


Silhouettes (c) Dane Aleksander, 2013

David and Jodi, 2012

Anniversary Art (c) Dane Aleksander, 2015

Pastel [11″ x 14″], 2015

[Archives] (c) Dane Aleksander, 2013

October 2012 ― To my parents. My parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary at the St. Mary’s Boat Club. I set up a table in the back and sketched the two dancing under the warm lights that poured onto the hardwood floor. Two-and-a-half years as a side, side project, and I’ve finally finished and framed the pastel portrait. The piece is an abstraction of the night’s celebration, and in pastel to really saturate my sketchbook with the color of the evening. It also directly references the photograph from the anniversary, above, as well as two taken 26 years earlier ― two reflections of the celebration.

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