Stark Armoury at Tesco


Stary Armoury at Tesco App (c) Current Studios 2013

I had fun designing the main menu, above, and rigging our Iron Man Mark II, III, V, VI, VII and XLII suits in an efficient content-bundle for download in an app at store level. We had to push our target devices to the limit in order to include all six feature suits in an interactive menu scene. This required intensive clipping of polygons and creative instancing of models and materials. The biggest challenge however was binding each unique Iron Man suit to a single rig in an attempt to maximize animation time as well as minimize the footprint of 3D assets (in megabytes) for our developers, and ultimately for our downloaders.

Our mobile retail-tainment augmented reality strategy, which contributed to Walmart winning 2012 Mobile Retailer of the Year, was extended to Tesco in the UK to promote the cinematic release of Iron Man 3. Activate suits in the Stark Armoury AR app and bring Iron Man to life in life-size 3D. Animation, below, by our lead animator San “the man” Mathew.

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